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A.S. 216.
The world map had been redrawn after climate change and the great global turbulence.
"It caused a massive exodus, a food crisis, and a serious energy crisis.
In the midst of those, ""humanoids"" emerged."
Humanoids had a function that other robots did not have.

It was the system to "transform human's protein into an energy"——

"The evolution of humanoids was extraordinary.
Humanoids have taken jobs in many situations."

"Special Organization Ord" -the security institution established in association with the military, the police, and civilians.
The Ord was not an exception, and they decided to recruit a humanoid.

The name of the humanoid was "Walter."

Walter and his fellow were to cope with the cases that happened in the Waterfront KANTO.
You would see the story woven by "humanoid" and "human" in the changing world——

■Features of the game

■Dramatic battles with skills
The battle is turn-based with character skills. Even if you are not a gamer, you can enjoy the battle without complexity.
"Build the team by choosing attributions, skills, and abilities depending on the situation.
Go to the sites with the ""Members"" you like."

◆Get Reports and discover the new aspects of the Members
"You can read the new stories of the Members by getting ""Reports.""
You may see the unexpected side of your favorite Member……!"

◆Be more intimate and……
Each Report shows its "Intimacy".
"If you send a gift and become more intimate with the Members……
""Adult scenes"" will be unlocked!"
"The adult scenes are very realistic with ""fully-voiced Spine Animations.""
As you watch, be aware of your surroundings,
and, enjoy the secrets of the Members."

◆Private conversation in the Member's room……
Members have their private "Room".
"When you invite the Member to the other Member's Room,
you can listen to the special conversation between the two."
You may see their usual life or listen to their real thoughts……
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