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This is a difficult game about climbing in which you must scramble over dangerous cliffs reaching the peaks known as hidden treasures and legends of the pirate world!

Use only your hands to reach the top of the cliff. Swing from ledge to ledge, mastering the art of momentum to overcome challenging obstacles. Every climb is a challenge, as there are multiple paths to the top of the mountain in this difficult game!

Climb up in the shortest possible time, collecting stars scattered on the rocks along the way. Compete with your friends to see who will reach the top and win the title of the best climber.

This challenging game about climbing offers addictive gameplay. It combines the thrill of rock climbing with swinging maneuvers, making it an exciting challenge for players seeking the ultimate test of skill and perseverance.

Meet danger face to face and conquer towering cliffs. This difficult game captures the essence of adventure, challenging you to conquer new heights while navigating the rocky landscape and plunging into the unknown.

Controls: The character is controlled by swiping the screen. The left side of the screen is responsible for the movement of the left hand, the right side of the screen is responsible for the movement of the right hand. Move your hands with swipes one by one to move upwards. The jump button works if only one hand is moving and the other hand is holding onto something. The jump works in the direction the character is currently moving.

Hard climbing and prove your strength. Overcome the challenges and become a legend conquering the most difficult cliffs. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Download Difficult Climbing Game right now and embark on an epic adventure that will test your skills and take your breath away!
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