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■ Synopsis ■
Life as a university student is nothing but smooth sailing… until you wake up in the hospital after being hit by a car. You’ve got some broken bones, but it’s not all bad, as your attending nurse turns out to be your favorite childhood babysitter, Lilia.

Unfortunately, she’s too busy to spend much time with you, so you sneak out and follow her. That’s when you stumble onto a dark secret… It seems all the nurses in this hospital are actually sadists! Can you escape with your dignity intact or will you submit to your deepest desires?

■ Characters ■

Lillia - The Physical Sadist

Your favorite childhood babysitter, Lilia has always seemed kind, seemingly, and lovely... However, now she seems to have a penchant for physical sadism. What happened to her in the time the two of you have been apart?

Hatsumi - The Demeaning Nurse

A trainee nurse assigned to look after you, Hatsumi speaks formally but harshly, often criticizing you for every little thing you do. She seems to take great pleasure in tearing you down and getting under your skin, but you get the feeling that there’s more to her…
Will you submit to her and her alone?

Momo - The Kind Neighbor

Momo is a fellow university student in the same hospital room as you who has been there for quite a while. Due to her slow wittedness, she is often treated as 'useless' by the nurses, but she’s been nothing but supportive of you. She wants nothing more than to escape. Will you run away with her?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.0
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