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“We can change the future of humanity, if we work together.”
One step forward until the destruction of humanity, design hope with an AI girl!

■ A story unfolding in another world, a virtual world
You dive into the virtual world to stop the runaway AI 'Redshift' that is hostile to humans.
Meet the various incidents that occur in the confrontation structure between the pretty girl superintelligent AI ‘Proxian’ and Redshift!

■ Proxian gathering place for beautiful girls with unique charms
Meet ‘Proxian’, a beautiful girl AI from 7 different themed civilizations with diverse values.
Fall in love with the charm of the beautiful girl Proxian with the ‘plug-in’ that allows you to experience gorgeous, high-quality spine animation!

■ Instaseed, a communication channel that provides a glimpse into girls’ daily lives
A relationship that deepens through interaction with Proxians!
Discover a different side of everyday life through ‘Instaseed’, where you can communicate with girls.

■ Proxians’ learning center academy classes
My own custom growth with girls transformed into cute SD characters!
Choose the mate you want to take the class with and the class schedule and take the academy class.
Experience the unique fun of acquiring your own growth buffs that can maximize Proxian's abilities according to your class results.

■ Spectacular skill action, various strategic battle contents
Feel the gorgeous battle skill actions of the beautiful Proxians during battle.
Strategically place your Proxians according to the exclusive ultimate skills that will make them more powerful and the characteristics of various battle contents and lead them to victory!

■ Starseed: Asnia Trigger Official Channel
- Brand page: https://starseed.com2us.com/
- Official Community: https://cafe.naver.com/starseedasniatrigger
- Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@starseed_asnia_trigger


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Developer contact information:
12th floor, BYC Hi City Building A, 131 Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
Business registration number: 108-81-16843
Mail order business report number: 2009-Seoul Geumcheon-0022
Mail Order Business Reporting Agency: Geumcheon-gu Office, Seoul Metropolitan City
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.7
93 Rating(s), 124 Comment(s)
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