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Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant  is a rol playing game developed for mobile. 

Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant has topped the free download list on App Store and Google Play in multiple countries or regions! Embark on a journey with 10 million players worldwide in a post-apocalyptic exploration, and stand alongside charming Kemono girls!
Download now and enjoy a time-saving and relaxing card battle!

Hundreds of Charming Kemono Girls Await
Nearly a hundred charming Kemono girls are waiting for your dispatch. Each Kemono girl has her own proficient skill, choose the ones that suit your battle style! You can also boost the Kemono girls in multiple dimensions to improve their combat Attributes, making you invincible in battles. Have a romantic date with the Kemono girl you fancy, increasing Affinity while also enhancing character Attributes!

Time-saving and Relaxing Card Battles
The skip battle and quick blitz functions save you time. You can greatly shorten the battle duration and save time spent on battles by unlocking the automatic battle and skip battle functions. Not only do some Story stages support skipping battles, but there are also more daily gameplays that support quick blitz, helping you avoid repetitive battles. Also, the game will provide you with lineup combination suggestions to assist you in improving your battle efficiency.

Massive in-game Rewards for Everyone
The price of drawing cards is lower than 99% of card mobile games, offering free SSR characters and a massive amount of items. With a hundred draws of self-selection, there's even a chance to get six top-tier SSR characters in the first week of beta. Top-tier battle squads can be easily filled up! Every day, there are 10 free draws, supplemented by a large amount of resources, pushing through the end of the world, and let's see who is superior in the arena!

Quick and Easy Character Leveling
One-click level inheritance, quickly cultivate a lineup of Kemono girls! Each game character supports one-click lossless inheritance between character levels, allowing for instant switching and efficient lineup changes. Cultivate a team of Kemono girls once and for all!

Explore Multiple Game Modes
A leisure gameplay with high degree of freedom and diverse categories. If you love Expedition and Battle, you can choose to compete in the arena, or regularly go to the port to fight with mysterious BOSS for rewards. If you like a warm and lively home, you can also freely DIY and create a personalized dormitory for you and your Kemono girls! If you are actively sociable, you can also join the Syndicate to make friends, exchange gifts, and jointly Recharge the High-energy Reactor for high returns.

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Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.9
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