"Welcome to a magic school!"
A lot of mysterious creature and items which I did not need to look in a magic school!
I learn various magic by a class, and let's clear a problem steadily!
And with the rumor of the door which is not open whispered among students……
~~Escape game Magic school~~
+-+-+-+ "Escape game Magic school"What kind of game is it? +-+-+-+
Ending changes by an item and the action that I chose.
It is the adventure escape game that adopted the multi-ending of the topic.
Because I implement the hint, even an escape game beginner can play happily.
It is a complete free escape game to be able to be idle in anyone willingly.
Because it is the escape game of the stage clear type, it is recommended for slight spare time and time killing.
(*When the stage clears it, it is automatically saved)
+-+-+-+ Point of a hint, the capture +-+-+-+
The doubtful place taps it without question!
As for a mystery coming loose by the flash that I did suddenly because it is an escape game.
When I collect "torn textbooks" and reach ending…
+-+-+-+ It is recommended in such one +-+-+-+
I am interested in the work which assumed magic a motif
I want to play the escape game that a character full of the personality comes out to
A puzzle and inference, a demystification game. I get away and like games
You who I enter the magic school, and want to solve a mystery!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.0
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