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Escape Game Snow Queen is an escape mobile game themed on fairytale. 
I go for traveling alone to meet him once again――
With the truth of "Snow Queen" whom people are afraid of…
The escape game X children's story adventure second!
Re re-go! It is escaped plainly by a castle of Snow Queen!
⇒「Castle of Snow Queen and the ice」Characteristic
*Escape game about children's story "Snow Queen"
*A mystery is removed with a story! Children's story adventure
*The future changes by your action! It is the escape game that adopted multi-ending.
*It is a long stage-shaped escape game to be able to be idle free.
*Because it is autosave, I can play carelessly in the spare times.
*It is simple, and the operation is simple to be able to enjoy it to an escape game beginner - senior!
⇒「Castle of Snow Queen and the ice」Hoe to Play
*I become pretty girl "Gerda", and let's get away from the castle of ice made with magic.
*The interested place taps it. Do item and "gallery card" hide?
*I just use the item which got and combine it with other items and will try it in various ways!
*[hint (Hint)] can get a hint about the escape by pushing the button.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.2
7 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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