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☞ Other Version(s): OSSAN Eggs! mini -Summer Ver.- | OSSAN Eggs! mini -Spring Ver.-

Based on Boiling OSSAN Eggs, the popular app with over 2 million downloads,
a new special winter version makes its appearance!
Please enjoy this mini version!

Boil an egg to get an OSSAN!
Enjoy making OSSAN filled with personality!
This time though, surprising special guests may appear!

1. Boil the egg
2. Peel off the egg shell
3. There! You have your boiled OSSAN egg!

Same as before, everyone can enjoy this!

USE some fine salt(ARAJIO):
Purchase ARAJIO at the store.
Using ARAJIO will boil the eggs faster, and prevent fast rotting eggs!
Remember to always use ARAJIO!

Collect all the OSSAN:
When you collect many different kinds of boiled OSSAN eggs, you can get a new boiling pot!
You can create even more different kinds of boiled OSSAN eggs with your newly obtained pot!
Enjoy the non-stop growth of the OSSAN collection!

New Feature: Half-boiled OSSAN!
After it finishes boiling, if you can collect an egg within one minute,
it will become a Half-boiled OSSAN!
They can be sold at a higher price than normal!

Updated wallpaper and costumes!
More popular wallpaper and Niwatori costumes have been added!
Please enjoy these new things we've made!

And so, what exactly is a boiled OSSAN egg?
This app demonstrates the irony of the modern day world, by showing a little egg (a baby)
being thrown into the hot boiling water (the society), results in each unique boiled OSSAN egg.


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Popular OSSAN stamps are currently available on LINE!
For LINE users, why don't you give them a try?

Series 1: http://line.me/S/sticker/1001453
Series 2: http://line.me/S/sticker/1110667


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If you haven't played Boiling OSSAN Eggs yet,
feel free to give it a try!
Have fun with the OSSAN series!
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