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📷 Join the teleport battle of Sink Head monster and the Camera Head alliance!

Mr Camera Head: Teleport Hero is a fast-paced puzzle action game that blends strategic movement with devastating combat. In a world attacked by toilet enemies, you're Mr Camera Head who inherited the art of ancient warrior and the mastery of teleportation. You can teleport through shadows, strike all toilet heads with deadly combos, and vanish without a trace in the toilet multiverse. Playing as Mr Camera Head, can you stop the toilet monster invasion and save the world?

📷 Mr Camera Head: Teleport Hero gameplay:
Dive into the sink monster game and emerge as a Mr Camera Head. Target your sink monster enemies, release to hurl your blade, and then teleport to it with a tap. Use your amazing camera head superpowers of shooting skills to snap your way through the map, teleport to different locations, dodge attacks, and destroy all sink monsters in hundreds of challenging levels. Be careful, as the sink enemies will become more intelligent and dangerous as you progress. Mr Camera Head needs to be quick and strategic in his movements to reach each level's end.

📷 Mr Camera Head: Teleport Hero features:
🚽 Unleash Your Inner Camera Head: Embrace the essence of monster fighter, mastering the art of stealth and deception as you teleport. With blinding speed, Mr Camera Head needs to strike down the sink monster with unmatched precision.
🚽 Customize Your Camera Hero: In Mr Camera Head: Teleport Hero you can be any legendary titan hero. Choose your monster fighter and make him the strongest alliance over enemies.
🚽 Conquer Challenging Levels: Embark on a perilous journey through a variety of challenging levels, each designed to test your skills and push you to the limits. You will face different sink monster enemies, traps, and puzzles, requiring you to fully use your camera head skills.
🚽 Beautiful pixel graphics, immersive animations & sound effects
🚽 Easy-to-learn controls that are perfect for mobile devices

📷 Master the art of camera head hero to be the ultimate alliance. Try out the epic monster battle in Mr Camera Head: Teleport Hero now!
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