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Sticker By Number: Puzzle Game is a puzzle game developed by GPLAY JSC.

Dive into the captivating world of Sticker By Number: Puzzle Game, where imagination intertwines with puzzle-solving, offering an exciting and immersive experience. This innovative app seamlessly blends the pleasures of adult coloring, the art of gaming, and the challenge of intellectual engagement. It provides a unique and tranquil escape that combines the meditative joy of coloring with the exhilaration of puzzle-solving.

Bid farewell to conventional coloring books and welcome the era of Sticker By Number Puzzles. Instead of traditional colored pencils, you'll bring intricate designs to life with vibrant, ready-to-use stickers. It's a refreshing take on adult coloring, where every sticker represents a stroke of creativity. Choose from a vast palette of rich colors and match them skillfully with the stickers to unveil splendid works of art. Unwind and rejuvenate with the soothing gameplay of Sticker By Number: Puzzle Game.

But Sticker By Number: Puzzle Game is not just about coloring; it's also a mental workout! Solve puzzles by strategically placing stickers to align with patterns and unlock the completed masterpiece. It's a flexible and engaging exercise for your mind, boosting your IQ skills along the way

Whether you love paint by numbers, drawing by numbers, or just want a relaxing and artistic gaming experience, Sticker By Number: Puzzle Game has it all.

Download the app and embark on a colorful journey with vibrant hues and challenging puzzles. 🎨🧩🌈
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