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Who exactly caused the demon king, who once reigned, to lose his head?
Despite your indomitable nature, your head was taken off with a single blow. In an attempt to weaken your powers, enemies managed to remove your head.
However, even in this state, the demon king's legacy remains unyielding! Fueled by the demon king's instinct and a furious roar, your body embarks on a quest to reclaim your head.
Former allies such as the Dragon Maiden, Sorceress, and Succubus start to reappear one after another.
Little did you know that in the future, you would be renowned by another name—The Headless Knight!
● Multiple S-Class Female Characters!
Summon and nurture your support team, increase intimacy to have them serve you better. They include but are not limited to:
- Succubus: The seductive female demon deeply entrenched in darkness.
- Bunny: The deadly female nurse exclusive to the Dark Lord.
- Frost Dragon Maiden: The aloof goddess wielding a large sword.
● Player Versus Player, Dominate the Rankings!
- Form your exclusive knightly squad and compete with knights from around the world! Challenge top players globally, every battle is a thrilling competition, vying for top positions on the leaderboard! Earn respect and rewards!
- Unique and dazzling special effects create a mesmerizing combat experience, immersing you in an unparalleled gaming adventure and providing you with a visually stunning spectacle akin to fireworks, celebrating your victory in the arena!
● Tavern Socializing, Plot Adventures Together!
- A unique tavern system serves as a social hub for knights. Knights gather here to drink, strategize, or even plan raids against enemies, and claim rewards. You can make new friends, establish your own tavern, and strategize with friends to reach the top! It's not just a battlefield but also a vibrant social platform, allowing you to build new friendships and alliances within the game.
●Various Dungeons for Rewards!
- Countless dungeons offer wealth! Guard coins with the Golden Dragon, face the Spider Queen for rewards, or explore diamond-filled chests. Assemble diverse teams for different challenges. With numerous dungeons, expect unique fun and rewards in every adventure.
● Engage in Carefree Battles, Evolve Continuously!
- Combat with ease through automatic battles! Your headless body automatically hunts, facilitating easy growth; a simple tap upgrades your progress. Even offline, you earn experience and gold, granting you ample time to strategize, build your team, or spend time with your family.
● Abundant Rewards Delivered Daily!
- Accelerate the growth of novice knights with daily generous login rewards. Obtain S-rank female character [Frost Witch], diverse pets, and resources to swiftly catch up to veteran knights. Display your knightly prowess and heroism within your knightly order in no time!
● Regular Events, Weekly Updates!
- Engage in new weekly events with numerous rewards waiting for you! Adventure isn't solely about combat; these recurring events aid your knightly order's rapid growth. Join our thrilling events, play alongside other knights, and craft your own legendary adventure tales!
● Exquisite Fashion, Versatile Weaponry!
- Personalized outfits for your unique knight! Utilize the distinct skin system to customize from head to toe. Venture into battles with your one-of-a-kind attire and weapons, setting the stage ablaze! Ignite endless possibilities in combat!
As you immerse yourself in the tavern, busy with your outfit selection, or nurturing relationships with your support squad, remember, you have yet to find your own head!
Embark now, Headless Knight, and begin your adventure!
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