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Among Palace is a rol playing game developed by Modo Global. 

Experience thrilling and intense role-swapping, heart-pounding pursuits in the Imperial Garden! You must work together with other loyal subjects to complete missions, uncover the traitor among you, and bring them to justice! Be cautious, as the traitors will stop at nothing to hinder you. Let's see who will have the last laugh...

【Deception and Dilemma - Hard to Distinguish Between Good and Evil】
Here, no one is your friend; they can betray you at any moment. The only person you can trust is yourself! Gather information, organize clues, deduce the case, and ultimately find the killer!

【Choose from Seven Professions】
Become a maid to sow discord, a royal physician to save lives, a guard to cut through chaos, or even a prince to strategize behind the scenes! Use your unique abilities to turn the tide!

【Distinctive Scroll Skills】
How can you survive with loyal subjects surrounding you? Open the exclusive scrolls of the traitors and use the strategies inside to catch the loyal subjects off guard!

【Exquisite Fashionable Appearance】
Enjoy highly customizable options to transform your character from head to toe. Whether it's the boy next door, a formidable general, elegant attire, or exotic charm, there will always be a perfect choice for you!
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