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Hero! Thank Gods, you have returned!

The world you remember is gone. Estaria is being consumed by the forces of corruption... But even
in the deepest despair, there is hope.You are the royal child, an heir to the throne, and the light of the future.



This is your story.You are the one who shapes the Hero's character and decides where the paths of fate should lead them next in this fantasy adventure. Hero Legacy combines the atmosphere of old-fashioned role-playing with the modern approach to a mobile game. It's fast-paced but based on acaptivating adventure with many intricacies.
On their way, the Hero can find many people in need. Your epic RPG adventure will be filled with many quests and side quests, often challenging your skills. But fear not – you won't be alone.


Discover links to the past and summon the Ancestors – legendary heroes who will become your loyal companions, friends, and family. At the very beginning of your journey, you'll meet:

? Tallan - The Nomad, a trickster and eternal traveller who spins new tales wherever he goes.
? Pyria - The Firebug, warm as a campfire and destructive as a firestorm, a true embodiment of
her element.
? Kiana - The Knight of Gaia, blessed with superior strength and as solid as the earth itself.
The further you go, the more of them you will meet.


Estaria is infused with magic. Once it was ruled by the Dragons- proud and wise creatures. Now Humans are the rulers, but this land still keeps its many secrets, hidden treasures, and ancient magic, all waiting to be rediscovered. Do you have the curiosity to solve all the mysteries of this world?


In your ventures, you can immerse yourself in a vivid world of rich sound, music, and colourful visuals. The hero navigates through a hexagonal map with different environments and hidden passages. Not only have to keep your heart and eyes open, but also become a persevering wanderer,
as this adventure game offers you an open world and all challenges that come with it. But no worries – even the most challenging ventures won't be impossible, because you'll be able to team up with a
powerful dragon
and travel on its back!


Each legendary hero has their own element, which is the base of their power. Your companions differ not only in character and type of magic they can assist you with, but each one of them lends you their unique abilities in the fight. Before your battle begins, you will have to choose the party
, considering the type of the upcoming challenge.


As a royal descendant, you will take care of rebuilding the kingdom. During your travels, you'll stumble upon many ingredients and resources that will help you restore the greatness of your homeland.

First, you take care of your people – then they provide for you. This is the way of a good ruler. In between your adventures, you will be able to return to a fantasy city. It will be your place to rest, grow and take care of – it will become your home.

Many challenges await you, brave Hero... But remember one thing.
This is your time.
Time to reclaim your legacy!

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