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64 Rating(s), 125 Comment(s)
Taimanin RPG Extasy is a mobile RPG that originated from the Taimanin series.

The World of Taimanin

In the near future, the world is one in which Humanity and the Devildom, haunted by all manner of demonic beings, exist side by side. An unspoken rule of "mutual non-aggression" had been followed since the ancient times, but this began to show signs of collapsing when people strayed from the path of righteousness. Humans and demons colluded to form criminal organizations and corporations that acted in the shadows. Thus, the world descended into chaos, and the rule of non-aggression was broken. The world is now overrun by the residents of the Devildom, including Vampires, Werewolves, Man-Eating Ogres, and other evil spirits, some of whom even disguise themselves as humans and run large corporations. Of course, Japan is no exception. Our story begins at Gosha Academy, which is the frontline anti-demon defence force in the remarkable demonic invasion of Japan.

Setting the Stage

Taimanin―humans who could stand against the demonic forces, opposing the deviants' evil. These anti-demon ninjas gather at Gosha Academy. The protagonist, Fuma Kotaro, who was born into the noble Fuma Head Family but cannot use Ninja Arts, was enjoying his carefree school life. However, one day, the academy is raided, and his destiny is violently set in motion. Kotaro is then appointed as the captain of an independent commando unit by Headmistress Igawa Asagi, and, together with his new companions, he sets out to pursue the truth of the incident!

Taimanin RPG and Taimanin RPG Extasy are different games. Data cannot be shared between them. 
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64 Rating(s), 125 Comment(s)
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