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Stella Fantasy is a high-quality character collectible ARPG where users become Adventurers and travel through the mystical land of Reterra. Players can conquer the randomly generated Dungeons, gather resources, craft gear, battle and, grow in an Anime-inspired world.

With an arsenal of various content, such as Abyss Invader where users can battle vicious bosses and compete against each other, Mirage Garden where users can challenge various stages, and an entertaining storyline, Stella Fantasy has captured the hearts of many gamers worldwide since its beta launch in April, 2023.

Stella Fantasy stands out as a unique game due to its distinct gameplay. The project aimed to introduce a system that requires players to consider multiple factors during battles and Stella Fantasy allows users to control multiple characters simultaneously. All four characters are present on the battlefield, and players can switch between them, creating a strategic element in combat.

Beyond the captivating narratives, Stella Fantasy is designed to be an incredibly enjoyable game to play. In addition to the main story mode, players can immerse themselves in various engaging game modes, with even more to come in the future.

Visually, Stella Fantasy boasts beautiful artwork and graphics, and we invite everyone to experience the game firsthand and discover its unique qualities. Our belief is that games should be fundamentally fun and enjoyable, and we hope players will find that essence in Stella Fantasy.

Stella Fantasy will continue to grow with the community, with continuous development and exciting new content. More content will come in the future including various multiplayer modes. Stay tuned!
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