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Taiko No Tatsujin RHYTHM CONNECT is a music game developed by LINE Corporation.

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◆As long as you tap the taiko drum on the touch screen, everyone can play happily with the rhythm
◆Automatically recommend music that you may like
◆You can search for your favorite music and enjoy playing
◆There is no restriction on customs clearance conditions! Play every day to improve the highest score!
◆Divided into 4 levels of difficulty: "Easy", "Normal", "Difficult" and "Devil King"
◆Easily play by operating your smartphone vertically!

【How to play】
◆Let's beat the taiko drum according to the musical notes!
・Let's beat the taiko drum when the red "dong" and blue "ka" that appear along with the music overlap with the circle frame!
・When "咚" appears, hit the drum head, and when "咔" appears, hit the edge of the drum or the place other than the drum head
・Compare skills according to the timing of hitting notes "good" / "ok" / "no"!
・"Combination" is the key to getting high scores! Hit the notes without making mistakes to complete the combo, and the score will increase!
・You can use props, and you can also press and hold the screen to play continuously to assist in the performance!

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Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.0
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