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Zenonia Chronobreak is a MMORPG developed by Com2uS Holdings Corporation.


■ MMORPG reborn based on originality IP ■
The first MMORPG in the Zenonia series that enthused 63 million global users!
Meet Zenonia, which has been further upgraded with Unreal Engine.

■ Differentiated visuals, high-quality cartoon rendering ■
Break away from the real-life graphics of existing MMORPGs!
Enjoy differentiated quality visuals with Unreal-based cartoon rendering.

■ A large-scale war of honor, server invasion ■
A battle that crosses dimensions that you have never experienced before!
Stake the honor of server vs server and start a war toward your goal.

■ Unlimited free battle, class switching ■
Anytime, anywhere, you can change to the class you want!
Create your own play style by easily changing classes by swapping weapons.

■ Communication and companionship, in-game GM ■
Another pleasure we have forgotten, the revival of in-game GMs!
Meet GMs active all over the world.

■ Storytelling inheriting the original Zenonia ■
A story that integrates the Zenonia series as it is impressed by the original!
Experience Zenonia's vast worldview and engaging story through over 150 cinematics.

■ The epic we create, the Knights system ■
Let's enjoy the glory of victory together, join the knights!
Create an ally you can trust and rely on in the fierce battlefield.

** Zenonia can be played in Korean.
** Some items in Zenonia require purchase and may incur additional costs depending on the type.

▶Guidance by access authority
When using the app, we request access to provide the following services.

[Essential access rights]
doesn't exist

[Optional access rights]
- Terminal information: Information necessary for in-game events, confirmation of reward recipients, and handling of inquiries to the customer center. It does not affect device functionality, including making calls.
-Storage space: Permission used to save or recall the game screen. We do not access personal save information other than the game.

※ Even if you do not agree to allow the optional access right, you can use the service except for the functions related to the right.
※ If you are using Android version less than 6.0, you cannot individually set optional access rights, so it is recommended to upgrade to 6.0 or higher.

▶How to revoke access rights
After agreeing to access rights, you can reset or revoke access rights as follows.

[Operating system 6.0 or later]
Settings> Application Management> Select the app> Permissions> Select consent or withdrawal of access rights

[Under operating system 6.0]
Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the app

* Com2uS Holdings official website: https://www.withhive.com
* Com2uS Holdings 1:1 inquiry: https://m.withhive.com/customer/inquire
Developer Contact:
Phone number: 02-1588-4263
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15 Rating(s), 24 Comment(s)
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