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"HIT2" is a role-playing game developed by NEXON Company . This is the Taiwan version, there is another Korean version

An MMORPG that understands players better, HIT2!

The topical MMORPG that captured the Korean rankings finally debuted in Taiwan!
Adventurers are invited to enter the huge and fantastic world of HIT.
Be the first to get it by participating in the pre-order
Kiki is a precious gift for adventurers!
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▣Game Introduction▣
◈ Six occupations with their own characteristics
The unique job transfer system allows you to switch freely.
Choose a career that matches your personal fighting style,
Play freely in your own way in this fantasy and beautiful world!

◈Experience the thrill of hunting BOSS with guild members
Powerful bosses appearing all over the world!
Fight powerful forces with flashy skills, clever strategy and guildmates!

◈Intense siege battles that can be participated in on Day 1
Any guild can participate in a battle of honor in the name of the guild!
In the fierce battlefield, in addition to fighting bravely, you also have to fight wits! Use the power of the art of war to defeat the enemy and win!
The siege battle that determines the master of the throne is waiting for you to command.

◈You too can shake the world! Coordinator's Altar!
The rules of the world are up to you!
Create your favorite world rules by yourself!
Want more safe areas to facilitate hunting VS UPUP in treasure hunting rate, which one do you choose today?

◈The appearance of the red whirlwind represents when the giant boss appears
Go stop the red whirlwind ravaging the land and get precious treasures!
Rise up against the constant change and threat
Save the world from crisis.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.7
23 Rating(s), 49 Comment(s)
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