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- English Quiz RPG - English Memories is a quiz RPG developed by Gaming Memory Inc.

◆What is English Memories?◆
English Memories is an English quiz RPG that combines "English" and "Quiz"!
Aim to become an English word master while playing games!

◆Basic rules◆
An English word quiz will be given in the quest.
If you answer correctly, your fellow units will attack the enemy.
If you answer correctly once within a certain period of time, "Answer Skill" will be activated!
Let's capture the quest by making full use of the special effects set on the problem panel!

◆Quiz ◆
The quiz is a quiz specializing in memorizing English words,
The total number of words is over 5000 (at the time of release).
* English words will be expanded from time to time
The question level is grade-specific level for elementary school students to high school students,
You can choose from TOEIC target score levels.
Grade-specific levels are based on the course of study, and are based on the actual English words learned at school.
There are levels from elementary school to high school, and you can acquire "truly necessary knowledge" for each level.
The TOEIC target score level is a level where you can learn by target score by extracting TOEIC frequent words.
In addition to the target score, there is also a "TOEIC Basic" level for first-time TOEIC challenges, so you can easily take on the challenge.
Aim high while playing the game and aim to improve your TOEIC score!
You can choose the level you want to learn, and the quiz difficulty is automatically adjusted according to your proficiency.
Let's learn English words at your own pace!
In addition, the quiz you made a mistake will be given as a review quiz.
Take more and more review quizzes and fix your English vocabulary!

◆Recommended for people like this! ◆
"I want to study English words, but I'm not good at studying seriously"
"I have to study for exams, but I want to play."
"I want to relearn the English I learned when I was a student."
"I want to use my free time efficiently"
You can acquire English words just by playing, so you can learn firmly with a sense of play!

◆ Get a diamond every time you answer the quiz correctly! ◆
In English Memories, you can get a diamond every time you answer the quiz correctly!
The fewer times you solve a quiz, the more diamonds you get, so let's try more and more English word quizzes you don't know!
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50 Rating(s), 67 Comment(s)
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