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Shielded Souls: Legendary Love is a simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc .

In this game, players need to select different branches corresponding to the game options in order to achieve different storylines.


You've always had a strong sense of justice, but you never knew where it came from until a freak landslide sends you to another world—your home world! As you acclimate to this new land, you realize you have the ability to strengthen the powers of others through physical contact... and the more intimate that contact is, the stronger the effect!

Party up with three gorgeous heroines to uncover the truth behind your past and save your home from the wrath of The Demon Lord!


Meet Roslynn — Radiant Warrior

Roslynn, the daughter of a legendary knight of great strength, is a terse and rough young lady who inherited her father's abilities. However, due to his alleged betrayal, she is seen as untrustworthy by many, making her reluctant to join your party. Despite her brash demeanor, Roslynn is extremely caring and deeply treasures those she loves. Are you the one she'll hold dear?

Meet Chelle — Angelic Altruist

Chelle, the cute and caring daughter of a white mage, is the light of the party. Her magic is a mystery, but her healing powers are a godsend. Although hesitant to take part in the mission, Chelle's love for her ‘onii-chan’—er, you—helps her face her destiny. She still hasn't quite figured out how to use attack magic, but that’s where you come in. Will you take her in your arms and help her push past her limits?

Meet Aria — Solemn Shieldmaiden

Aria is a powerful priest's daughter who uses her shield to protect others. Despite her strong defensive powers, Aria considers herself expendable and is looking for a way to die in battle. But when she meets you, she begins to see a purpose beyond self-sacrifice. Can you show Aria that there’s more to life than just duty and honor?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 5.0
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