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Prasia Electric  is an MMORPG game developed by NEXON .
In this game, players can freely adventure and create their own game stories.

▣ Game Introduction ▣

■ World: A huge world connected as one, where you can move in real-time without loading
With top-notch 4K graphics and production, a more immersive world unfolds,
Every action you choose in the seamless single-channel world has an impact on the entire world like a butterfly effect.
Explore the vast world of Prasia with your colleagues while breathing organically.

■ Guilds: Personal growth through communication and cooperation with guilds
Guilds are user alliances unique to Prasia that complement and expand on guild forms.
Perform guild activities such as construction, mining, research, production, manufacturing, management and grow quickly.
As our base has its own characteristics and specializations, you also become stronger together as our guild becomes stronger.
You can also save resources and time with the help of followers who take care of tedious tasks.

■ Base War: Wars between guilds trying to capture bases
In Prasia's world there are over 20 bases that you can own.
Starting from campsites fight alongside fellow members for territory development.
We offer base wars that anyone can easily enjoy using their own methods such as material support or siege weapon preparation besides combat.
Do you love peace? Then we have various types of base wars prepared for those who want to avoid conflict stress such as campaign battles without disputes.
Enjoy various strategic elements like physical distance just like actual war without any time constraints.

■ Stances: Strategic play possible by changing weapons and skills according to situations
Prasia's classes have three stances each.
Real-time transformation of weapons during battle is possible through stance changes which allows flexible combat roles.
Utilize advantages specific to each stance for diverse combat fun.

■ Factions: Solid storylines with attractive worlds
Each region in Prasia has factions with distinctive backgrounds stories distributed throughout them. They sell the best equipment per region supporting users via followers. 
Play your own main story and enjoy adventures by cooperating with factions that have special personalities.

■ Assist Mode: Automatic play for 24 hours even after game ends
You can control your character even when not logged in, allowing you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.
Prasia's assist mode supports advanced automatic play.
Are you tired or busy today? Don't worry. We support playing at your own pace so that everyone with different play times and styles can enjoy it.

■ Smart Phone App Access Rights Guide
We request access rights for the following services while using our app:

[Optional Access Rights]
Photos/Media/Files Storage: Required to save videos, upload photos and videos.
Camera: Required for taking pictures and shooting videos to upload them.
Microphone: Required during voice chat in-game.
Phone: Required to collect phone numbers for sending advertising messages.
Notifications: Allows apps to post notifications related to their service
※ Service usage is possible without agreeing on optional access rights.

[How To Revoke Access Rights]
▶ Android 6.0 or higher : Settings > Apps > Select Permission Item > Permission List> Agree or Withdraw Permissions Selection
▶ Android 6.0 below : Upgrade operating system or delete app
※ The app may not provide individual consent functions but access rights can be revoked through the above methods.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.5
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