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iChu/ i-Chu / i☆Chu is a rhythm game that allows you to roleplay as a teacher and a producer to start romantic relationships with the boy idols you train.

■ How many idols are you training? Just a one that fits your taste!
There are 9 idols groups with a total of 32 characters that are rich in personality!
Perform the group's original songs by playing it as a music game! 
An enjoyable story that takes place at a idol training school!
A heartbeating romance that uses Binaural recording!
A grand total of 42 male CVs!

■ Story
It is a school called 'Etowaaru Vio-school', established by a company called 'Ailedore'.
This schools aims to train idols and make them become number one.
You are both a teacher and a prdocuer at the same time and it is your job to help them become the best.

■ Rhythm game
By training them, you will become more intimate with the idols. 
You can read an interactive story and clear missions along the way.
Train the idols in whatever way you like and work on maxing out their relationship points♪

■ Enjoy a live performance that combines songs and dance!
You can play orginial songs like a rhythm game in live shows!
Tab on the screen to make the crowd as excited as possible!
There are 5 difficulty levels for you to choose from. It is a game that is enjoyable to both newbies and experienced players!
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 Pop'N Star is the cutest unit in the world[色色][色色][色色]

It is Mio Yamanobe a.k.a. Death Chronos' birthday today too!✨🎉

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.6
4145 Rating(s), 103 Comment(s)
Selected Note

 Pop'N Star is the cutest unit in the world[色色][色色][色色]

It is Mio Yamanobe a.k.a. Death Chronos' birthday today too!✨🎉

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