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Divineko is an arcade game developed by Drazuerg.
You play as a cat who casts spells by drawing increasingly complex shapes that match incoming enemies.
Throughout your journey, you will meet a wide range of enemy archetypes with unique gameplay mechanics, challenging bosses, and you will acquire divine abilities along the way (e.g. block attacks, slow down time, hit all enemies on screen). These abilities will help you rise to the top of the leaderboard in the Endless mode and achieve your end goal: establish your authority as the god of cats, the Divineko!

Divineko is an arcade game that is designed for players of all ages who like fast action, light strategy and drawing simple to complex shapes. It also appeals to all cat lovers!

Gameplay features
- Draw various Shapes to cast Spells and defeat incoming enemies before they hit you
- Use your Shield to block enemy attacks. Depletes when used, can be refilled
- Use your Hourglass to slow time down. Has a short cooldown
- Use your Bomb to hit all enemies on screen. Has a longer cooldown
- Perfect your strategies by hitting enemies in a smart order and using your abilities wisely

Game Structure
- The game is split into chapters: each contains carefully crafted waves of enemies, and a boss that tests your skills
- Each boss defeated grants you a new special ability: Shield, Hourglass, Bomb
- The last boss unlocks the Endless mode, in which you will compete against other players for the first rank in the leaderboard
- Gaming sessions are short, usually from 1 to 5 minutes
- After several enemy attacks (hits, bullets, explosions), the main character will reach 0 HP ; the player can then watch a video ad once to refill their health and shield. There is no in-app purchase in the game
- Runs on low-end devices. Small download size (<50mb). Works offline
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.7
14 Rating(s), 14 Comment(s)
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