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In addition to the theater company "Sirius", which is familiar from the TV anime, four theater companies will appear: "Gingaza", "Gekidan Denki", and "Eden". All stories are fully voiced! The same staff as in the TV anime will be involved in the production of the story, allowing you to experience the ever-expanding world of "World Dice Star"!

◾️ Famous stories such as “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter” and “Arabian Nights” can be watched and photographed as “programs” and “opera”! All performances on stage can be viewed in 3D! The story of the program changes depending on the theater company performing it...? In addition, the songs in the play can be viewed live in 3D as an "opera"! Furthermore, you can take your own photos of performances and operas and turn them into "photos"! You can create your own original album by putting the photos you have taken in an album!

◾️ Full-fledged rhythm game We have prepared many difficulty levels and functions so that even those who are new to rhythm games or who are not good at rhythm games can gradually improve their skills. In addition, all songs are equipped with high-difficulty scores for advanced players! It can be enjoyed by a wide range of people with ``Rate Judgment'' and ``Various Options Settings''!

◾️Many original and cover songs included
Includes many original songs by each theater company, including the TV anime OP/ED songs “Wanna Vista!” and “Two of Us”! In addition, many popular songs covered by characters from each theater company will be included and included!

・The Mysterious Name of Heart (Lyrics: Mafumafu, Composition: Mafumafu)
・Fony (lyrics: Tsumiki, composition: Tsumiki)
・Six Trillion Years and One Night (Lyrics: kemu Composition: kemu)
・Things that don't change (lyrics: Hanako Oku, composition: Hanako Oku)
・Magical Girl and Chocolate (Lyrics: PinocchioP, Composition: PinocchioP)
・Snow halation (lyrics: Aki Hata, music: Takahiro Yamada)
・Monster (Lyrics: Ayase Composition: Ayase)
・Monster with no name (lyrics: ryo music: ryo)
・Realize (Lyrics: Ayato Shinozaki, Ryosuke Tachibana Composer: Ayato Shinozaki, Ryosuke Tachibana)
・ANIMA (Lyrics: Hair Crab, Composition: Hair Crab)
・Turing Love (Lyrics: Nayuta Seiji / Nanawo Akari Composition: Nayuta Seiji)
・Sorry for being cute (lyrics: shito, composition: shito)
・DAYBREAK FRONTLINE (Lyrics: Orangestar Composition: Orangestar)
*Additional items will be added sequentially through updates.

Others will be added one after another!

■Full of community features We also have a circle feature where players can interact with each other in-game! You can also invite circle members to collaborative performances, and share your own "title" and "album" created from photo shoots!

"World Daister Dream Stellarium" (Yumeste)

Official website: https://world-dai-star.com/game
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/wds_game
Official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@wdsgame_official/

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