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Maou & Company is a casual business RPG developed by R.O.App . In this game you become Alicia, the daughter of the Demon King, and run a company to earn money.

■ Change the world with the power of money!
The Demon King was killed by a brave man, and the demons were bound by unfair laws.

In order to release such demons, the Demon King's daughter Alicia stands up!

Run a company, earn money, and buy people and companies with that money!

Use your power to change the laws that bind demons!

■Monsters that move around with cute dot pictures
Monsters such as slimes and golems work at the company.
It's your job to watch over these cute pixelated characters as they work!

■Let's make the company bigger
Construct a company facility on the premises of Demon King's Castle!
Produce various materials, collect them and sell them!
The more effective the material, the higher the price you can trade, so you can make your company even bigger!

■ Bribe human legislators and change the law!
Let's bribe the members of the world government who manage the world with money and use their voice to change the laws that unfairly restrict the demons!

■ Acquisition of a company by TOB!
In a world where fistfighting with wads of money is allowed due to the TOB (Anyway, Money, Hit) law.
Use the money you earn to battle against rival companies in TOBs and make acquisitions a success!

■ There is also a dress-up for the demon king
Equipped with a function that allows you to freely change the clothes of the demon king Alicia!
Let's change it to various appearances depending on the mood!
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7 Rating(s), 6 Comment(s)
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