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Release date:Summer 2023
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☞ Other Version(s): MATR1X FIRE(beta)

"Matr1x FIRE" is a multiplayer competitive first-person shooter masterpiece on your phone (also supporting PC). Core features include classic competitive, fair play, multi-player exciting battle, strategic confrontation, 40+ types of firearms, millions of weapon skins, 10+ featured maps, multi-character collection, worldview stories with millions of words,  exclusive content customized by creative workshop, e-sports tournaments, and free trade.

1. Multiple Ways to Play
Adventurers can team up with friends to experience exciting PVP gameplay modes, including classic 5V5 battles, multiplayer PVP  casual mode, competitive match, and battle royale with 60-100 players.

2. Massive Collectible and Tradable Game Items
All the props in the game are possible to be obtained for free. You can collect firearms, unique weapon skins, gloves, your favorite avatars, land, and social assets such as pfps and pfp frames. These game items can be traded freely in the marketplace.

3. Playing on Your Phone Anytime and Anywhere
We have a lot of designs matching operation characteristics of mobile game. Therefore more players can easily master the operation of the game, and have ultimate shooting and competitive experiences.

4. Finite Games but Infinite Worlds
As explorers entered the Matr1x universe, you would start a journey of civilizations: "Cyber Earth-Mars Immigrants-Interstellar Expedition". Here explorers can experience the stories of 11 major forces, the cyberpunk world, the adventures following our legendary heroes and even different multiverses. Among these, the story of Matr1x FIRE would begin in Cyber Earth of 2061. There, the first batch of Matr1x legends are being selected through PVP confrontation....

5. Top Tournaments as Competitive Stage
In order to show the courage and wisdom of the explorers, there will be competitive matches,  tournaments hosted offline, professional tournaments and other tournaments inside and outside the "Matr1x FIRE" game. Let's fight for honor!

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Website: https://www.matr1x.io
Discord: https://discord.gg/matr1x
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Matr1xOfficial
Release date:Summer 2023
Pre-registration Rewards:

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