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Desirable Deals is a visual novel developed by Genius Yaoi Studio Inc..


Our protagonist is an aggressive alpha and senior in college who tends to bite off more than he can chew. He's already secured a job and will be joining the company after graduation. He dreams of making it big there and surrounding himself with women and cash. But the company he'll be working it as all about results and the CEO expects everyone to put in their all.

Prior to his official employment, he's introduced to his future coworkers as a promising new star and is later called into the CEO's office. Not wanting to be underestimated, he pitches himself a little too confidently to Kirihito, the CEO. Kirihito, amused by his efforts, asks him if he knows what the secret to sales is. Kirihito closes the gap between them saying that the secret is "to capture their heart." Before he knows it, he's got is back to the wall with Kirihito's face right in front of his. He closes his eyes, but after realizing nothing has happened, he opens them to see Kirihito with a smile on his face, looking down at him.

MC returns to his seat where his senior, Reiji, takes him with him for his first sales meeting. Reiji is a real people person and is an expert at getting into people's minds. After the sales meeting, the two of them go for a drink, but our protagonist has a little too much to drink. Unable to make it home himself, he ends up staying the night at Reiji's. Reiji even helps him drink some water... mouth-to-mouth.

But when he wakes up in the morning, he finds Reiji next to him... Naked.


The enigmatic and always level-headed CEO. He's a true businessman that built the company from scratch and is also an expert at making men realize they want things that they never thought they did... He can easily manipulate anyone in a sales meeting and the protagonist is one of many that has fallen under his spell. When he first got started, he was much more hot-headed and passionate, but he was changed forever when he was betrayed by a trusted business partner. Ever since then, he's become a cold and calculating control freak.

He sees a little bit of himself in the protagonist and takes favor to him. He has relationships with many inside and outside of the company. Men only, of course.

This lovable and friendly guy is in charge of the protagonist's training. However, his friendly demeanor hides his true genius as a malicious manipulator of people's thoughts. He's quite the sadist and knew from the start the protagonist wanted some punishing. While he's warm and friendly when around others, he morphs into a dominating alpha when alone and will demand you follow his every order. Still with that warm smile on his face, though.

He's the number 1 salesman in the company and second only to the CEO himself. He was betrayed by Issei in the past and was wrongly accused of his sins. He can no longer trust people because of that and while he may smile at everyone he sees, he will not let anybody into his own heart.
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22 Rating(s), 12 Comment(s)
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