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Release date:2023
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Sakura Ignoramus is a simulation RPG set in the world of Shinobi Nightmare. The game is set to launch in 2023.
This simulation RPG is set in a futuristic world devasted and corrupted by the spread of “filth”, the story depicts a battle to save the world from its end, with various Kunoichi wielding powerful sci-fi weaponry with environments and architecture from various fantasy settings!

The game will feature four kunoichi as the main characters, they are Himawari, Sazanka, Nazuna, and Azami.

Sakura Ignoramus
■ Himawari – CV: Takamatsu Karin
sakura ignoramus announce 00 7
■ Sazanka – CV: Kato Rihona
sakura ignoramus announce 00 6
■ Nazuna – CV: Ishitobi Erika
sakura ignoramus announce 00 5
■ Azami – CV: Tomomi Jiena Sumi

Sakura Ignoramus is also preparing content within its game for players to relive the story of Shinobi Nightmare! That way even if you have never played Shinobi Nightmare, or long to relive those memories, you can experience the story once more to bring yourself up to speed in this world.

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Release date:2023
Pre-registration Rewards:

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