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My Secret Idol Girlfriend is a simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc..


Aoharu Cinderella is your favorite J-pop idol girl group of all time, so naturally, you're ecstatic when your parents surprise you with a special VIP ticket to their latest show as a reward for excellent grades and your recent eighteenth birthday. But when you head backstage for a bathroom break, you accidentally stumble into their dressing room only to find their biggest star right in the middle of a wardrobe change!

Only then does it hit you—the star you know as Yuko has been your classmate Yukino all along!
Better brace yourself, because this revelation is just the first of many as you’re drawn into a whirlwind tour of what it means to be in the limelight!


Meet Yukino — The Glittering Star

Undisputed star of the ultra-popular idol group Aoharu Cinderella, Yukino has a huge and loyal fan base, of which you are a devoted part. On stage, she comes off as polite and refined, but the girl you know is stubborn and terse. At school, she pretends to be quiet and bookish, leading most people to ignore her. Unfortunately, there’s no faking her grades, which are terrible due to the demands of being on stage. Will you help lift her grades to an all-time high, or is her academic standing doomed to remain off-key?

Meet Akari — The Devoted Manager

Calm, collected, and professional, Akari is a former idol who is extremely capable at her job as Yukino’s personal manager. She takes pride in being a part of the idol world, and does everything in her power to make sure Yukino doesn't fall from stardom, as she once did herself. As an idol fan, she’s wary of your intentions, but perhaps your loyalty and protective nature will help her learn to trust again…

Meet Suzu — The Fledgling Idol

Your childhood friend and an up-and-coming member of Aoharu Cinderella, Suzu has gained a huge following as a little sister-type idol. She is sweet and innocent on the surface, but you know how cunning and—dare you say it—manipulative this little minx can be. After moving away from your hometown, you’ve never really given her much thought, but there are signs you've been on her mind a lot since elementary school. Will you continue to remain just old friends, or will your relationship blossom into something more?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 5.0
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