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 Ketsugou Danshi is an otome adventure game developed by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd..
This game is a brand-new “friendship bonding” otome game, which is available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

In Elements with Emotions, players will bond together with the Shikenkan, special boys that wield the elements of the periodic table, as the world comes to an end in 50 days. The player takes on the role of a mediator who has to create various chemical reactions by combining the power of the Shikenkan and fighting against the enemy force, The game also features a soundtrack composed by Elements Garden.

The game plans to have up to 45 routes and 90 endings, with four characters planned for the base game and an additional six characters to be added later on after release as paid DLC.

Swallowing and decimating all things
Dark absolute emptiness “Dead Matter” plagues the Kingdom of Yuiwa
But there were those who dared to face it
Known as the Shikenkan, who possess the power of the periodic elements
In a desperate battle against the darkness that swallows everything
The Shikonin was bound by the bonds of fellowship
The “Ketsubunjutsu” that binds them to each other
An art of union to draw out even more power.
You, as a mediator, are the sole wielder of the art of union
The complete erosion of the entire globe. The disappearance of the world.
Only 50 days till the bell tolls…

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Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.4
9 Rating(s), 19 Comment(s)
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