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"Hina-chan Breaker 2ndBreak [Touhou Online Battle]" is an action game developed by ISY.
This game is available in Japanese only.

An online battle game where you fight one-on-one!
Hina-chan breaker powers up and comes again!
Hina-chan barricaded herself in a hovel demanding high-end sweets and better treatment in the original work.
In a world where no one could drive Hina-chan out, Hina-chan got on top of her game and strengthened her defenses to provoke the human spirits and spread the news throughout Gensokyo, aiming to increase her name recognition!

Throw balls, drop boxes, and use each character's spell to blow Hina-chan away from the field along with houses and objects!
This time, you can bring in an extra speca to expand your strategy!
Blow away Hina-chan in various fields and grab victory!

Earn rank points by winning battles and raise your rank!
Change the appearance of your ball, box, and character through in-game passages to put pressure on your opponents!

This game is "online only".
Cross-play battle between Android and PC is possible.

☆ This game is a secondary creation game of the Touhou Project.
○ Some sound effects "Otologic"
* The previous work "Oidase! Hina-chan Breaker" will be hidden in the store along with the release of this work.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 5.0
10 Rating(s), 4 Comment(s)
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