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"System rebooting... Functions restored.
Requesting Leap system user privilege access... Access granted.
My name is J-001, captain of the annihilation mission. Welcome to Space Leaper: Cocoon."

A mysterious unworldly event altered your phone and became a portal into the Leap Universe, establishing a connection between you and alien waifus. Embark on amazing interstellar adventures through this portal.

Fantastic events unfold before you as you travel through the universe. Encounter different species that have turned into alien waifus through genetic alteration and witness enchanting views of strange planets and civilizations.

Pick up your phone, gather some beautiful alien waifus, and let the mysterious Leap Universe adventure begin!

1. Beautiful anime waifus
A mysterious story develops as substances, such as peppers, mercury, and slime, result in the creation of alien waifus through genetic alteration. Explore storylines designed for each waifu and interact with them through text messages, calls, and even Live 2D interactions to improve your relationships.

2. Unique game interface design
Navigate our mobile phone user interface with three screens that feature functions from social media to lifestyle apps. Travel through the universe with your phone and embark on a fantastic interstellar adventure! You won't be able to tell whether you are playing a game or using your mobile phone!

3. Thrilling gameplay
Clear fun stages to unlock new interstellar adventure achievements. Build your own planet's homeland in the Home system. Battle with allied Leapers to achieve higher rankings! More fun awaits in-game. Roguelike gameplay and surprising challenges offer you a unique experience!

4. Casual idle combat
Combine simple and stress-free idle gameplay with immersive strategy mechanics. Dive into the space adventure anywhere at any time and let your worries float away as you deploy cute waifus into a pixel universe to battle.
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