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Vahn's Quest is an idle RPG developed by Super Planet. The game is currently open for pre-registration. In this game, players can embark on an epic adventure where there will be endless battles and levels for the players to conquer with interesting character-developing systems.

💌 You've been invited by the 'Grave Keeper Knights'.

■ Where does the strength of the Knights Templar end?! Infinite Growth Idle RPG! 💪
- Challenge endless battles, adventures, and stages!
- Get rewards thanks to AFK automatic hunting?! Grow endlessly!
- 'Double speed' battles and '1 Second Skip' in boss battles! The pleasure of super-speed progression!

■ Heroes full of personality! Let's nurture them on our own!! 🦸‍♂️
- Your hero is weak? Make him grow until he gets 8 stars with the grade upgrade!
- Your own hero group that grows infinitely by collecting relics and strengthening skills!
- Craft hero-customized (DIY) equipment at the blacksmith and get stronger!
- More than 60 attractive costumes! Visual and ability UP!

■ Make auto-battle more fun! Let's set up a strategy and play smartly! 🤔
- Deploying heroes will get you a buff! Let's lead the battle more advantageously!
- Each time you tap the Fire Spirit, you deal extra damage to enemies! Make battles easier!
- Support the fighting power of the supporter knights! Take advantage of heroes who do not participate in battle!

■ Defeat the dungeon boss to get an item?! Let's grow into strong heroes!👹

■ A mini-game in an RPG?! A treasure dungeon where you can get gold and have fun🤩

■ Who will be the strongest? A bout between knights from all over the world! (PVP)
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.3
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