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Fire Force: Enbu no Shо̄ is a mobile RPG co-developed by Mobcast Games Inc. and extra mile Inc.. This game is adapted from the popular manga series "Fire Force". The game is released on both iOS and Android, and supports Japanese as the operating language.

The game is understood to be heavily based on the story told in the animated version of Fire Force. In addition, it is announced that the theme song of the game will be produced by Mrs.GREEN APPLE, who has also participated in the production of the opening song of season 1 of the Fire Force animation. Other details about the game are expected to be revealed in the future.

Fire Force illustrates a story where there are numerous incidents of spontaneous human combustion, in which people turn into fire monsters called "Infernals". In order to tackle the problem of Infernals and to find out the truth behind the mysterious fire that took away the lives of his family members, the protagonist of the story, Shinra Kusakabe, has become a member of Special Fire Force Company 8 and embarked on a riveting adventure.

The author of Fire Force, Atsushi Ohkubo, is also the creator of the manga series "B. Ichi" and "Soul Eater". The manga of Fire Force has already come to an end in 2022, while the animated version has been aired on TV since 2019. On the release day of the last episode of the Fire Force manga, the release of the game Fire Force: Enbu no Shо̄ and the third season of the animation were announced.

Official Twitter: @fireforce_game
Official Website: https://fireforce-game.jp/
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.4
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