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DarkBlood -Gaiden- is a RPG developed by トイハウス.
 Players may encounter different monsters or villains, they need to defeat the enemies with cards. Come and explore the world of Dark Blood!
-The blood story is taken over again-

At the end of the world, there was a tower towering above the sky.
It is said that the tower is filled with treasures that fulfill people's wishes, attracting many adventurers, but none of them have returned.
Then, the tower came to be called "the tower that never returned".
Therefore, the King placed the unreturned tower under his jurisdiction and arranged a knight order to investigate the inside of the tower.

Dark Blood, which has been downloaded 500,000 times worldwide, is back.
The card battle up to the previous work has been updated to a turn-based command battle, making the system more familiar.
The player will investigate the inside of the tower as a member of the Investigation Knights, but as the investigation progresses, the Knights will be strengthened and the adventure will be smoother.

Continuing from Dark Blood 1 & 2, dot painting creator Ginoya is in charge of graphics for this work as well. You can experience the world of dark fantasy with beautiful pixel art.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.5
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