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This is a roguelike adventure game that goes deep into the ruins of civilization. Players will play the role of the savior from ancient times, get to know adventurers from different backgrounds, cultivate teams in battles and adventures, defeat all kinds of monsters, and fight against the menacing villain organization "Niflheim".

【Game world view】
This is a world reinvented on the ruins of an ancient civilization. The collapse of the previous generation of civilization has created an unstable environment and strange creatures.
In order to survive in such a world, people must enter dangerous ruins to obtain ancient devices and mine magic crystals as power sources. Those who dare to explore the ruins are also called "adventurers".
Because the magic crystal technology is the absolute driving force to promote the progress of the times, it is widely mined, and the extensive mining is also accompanied by the proliferation of crystallinity. Patients suffering from crystallinity will gradually mutate into monsters and be expelled from the tribe. In order to survive, they were forced to go to remote mining areas with even harsher conditions, and they could not escape the tragic fate for the rest of their lives.
Until an organization named "Niflheim" appeared and accepted them, what was the purpose of "Niflheim" and why the ancient civilization died, all these will find the answer on the other side of the victory.

【Game Features】
1. Ups and downs fantasy plot
The mysterious blindfolded girl, the chosen savior, the brothers and sisters who fought against fate, wielded the blade of justice to the ultimate boss together.

2. Never get tired of fighting gameplay
Original dual-skill combat system, random encounters in the abyss. The operating party enjoys the sense of accomplishment of passing the low-end level, and the handicapped party experiences the refreshing feeling of numerical crushing.

3. Surprise camp towns everywhere
If you want to place it well, you must have a brain-burning strategy. Reasonable allocation of material use, farming and cooking can also become stronger.

4. Unlimited tactical styles
20+ skill branches, 40+ monster cards, 100+ equipment weapons and 200+ entry attributes are combined to create an infinite fighting genre. Match according to the monster's weakness, bring super resistance attack, make the battle easier.

5. Happy and continuous camp interaction
Friendly cooperation, powerful battles, super multi-line mode: leisure fishing, cooperative brushing, 1v1 battle... waiting for you to explore.

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539188226 "Pumice Stone Journey" Relic Expedition Group
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2884 Rating(s), 2708 Comment(s)
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