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Tomb of the Forbidden Falcon is an Otome romance simulation game developed by Genius Inc. In this game, you, as the protagonist,  will encounter three charming men when you are involved in a mysterious incident while studying archaeology in Egypt. Depending on the decisions made, you will have the opportunity to develop a romantic relationship with one of the handsome male characters.

■ Synopsis ■
As an archaeology student, you're thrilled when you're selected for a prestigious internship at a dig site in Egypt. Your first field study takes an unexpected turn, however, when you and your companions discover an ancient mummy, and people around you begin to die... Together, can you uncover the truth behind this curse and save the expedition, or will you end up as its next victims?

■ Characters ■

The cool, aloof, and wealthy son of the head researcher, Kaito has been hailed as the most promising Japanese archaeologist in decades. Although you've never met, you can't shake the feeling that there's something familiar beneath his controlled demeanor...

An energetic Egyptology student, Itsuki's a fellow intern from your university with whom you bond over your shared love of confectionary. While his knowledge of hieroglyphics is second to none, you soon discover Itsuki's terrified of the supernatural. Can you help him keep his head when things start to go awry?

A charming and mature linguistics student, Youssef works part-time at the dig site as an interpreter and general handyman. His fluency in both Arabic and Japanese make him an indispensable part of the team, but you can't help but notice he seems more comfortable being relied upon than relying on others...
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.8
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