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Princess Connect! Grand Masters is an April Fools' limited game of Princess Connect! Re:Dive. 

The overly-produced and highly enjoyable auto-chess battler returns, this time adding Shefi as a playable character. Much like with last year’s release of the game though, it seems Cygames is adamant in keeping this as a very elaborate April Fool’s joke, as the game will once again be removed, and going offline on April 10, 16:59.

▍About Priconne! Grand Masters
Priconne! Grand Masters is an auto-battling game based on Princess Connect! Re: Dive, this time placing them as chibified 3D character models. In the game, eight players will battle against each other in PvP matches of 1v1 battles, in which they place units out on the board to automatically fight.

Team Composition and placements of your units are crucial, as different characters can counter certain strategies. As you fight you can claim rewards based on how long you lasted in the battle, and you can purchase stronger units and tighten up your team structure to aim for higher levels!

While many players hoped that this would be a preview into a possible spin-off game for the series, Priconne! Grand Masters seems to just be a very elaborate and well-made April Fool’s joke and will continue that tradition again when it closes on April 10. 16:59 [JST]. Fingers crossed that this will one day be a fully-fledged game, as it was received quite well last year, enough for it to be rated 4.8 on the QooApp Game Store.

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.8
491 Rating(s), 528 Comment(s)
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