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Two Heroes Shooting is an RPG game developed by HiJump.

RPG-style shooting game with two heroes to control!
Switch the positions of the two heroes according to the situation and fight!

Touch and slide the screen to move the heroes left and right.
You can switch between the vanguard and the rearguard at any time with the switch button.
When you defeat a monster, it drops coins and experience.
When you pick up the experience, the hero of the vanguard will gain experience and level up.
When you level up, your attack power will increase, making it easier to clear the stage.
The level will return to 1 at the end of the stage.

There are 4 stages in total.
Once you reach a certain score in a stage, the next stage will be released.
There are four stages in total.
Character development
You can use the coins you collect in the stages to strengthen your hero.
You can also use gems to change the appearance of your heroes.

Challenging elements
There are the following challenging elements.
Missions where you can get gems by completing conditions.
Change your character's appearance by using gems.
Score ranking for each stage.

Recommended for the following people
I like shooting.
I like pixel art.
I like Hack and Slash.
I like challenging elements.
I want to play only single-player games.
I want to play free games.
I'm looking for games that can be played in a short time to pass the time.

Attention when playing
Internet connection is required to reflect ranking information and charges.
If you delete the application, the saved data will be deleted.
Please note that the saved data cannot be recovered.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or requests about the app, please contact us at the following email address.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.9
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