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IFyou is a romance game developed by PIER Corporation Inc.

Have you ever played otome games or dating games?
Interested in ikemen, lovestruck, chapters, episode, choices, tabou, maybe and storypick?

Aren't you tired of similar-style storygames? Here we are only for you.
Have you ever heard of 'IFyou:episodes with love stories’ ?
We are different from other visual novels, interactive story games, otome games, like ikemen, lovestruck, chapters, episode, choices, tabou and storypick.
Our story really opens according to your choice, so come and make choices of your own.
That’s why the way you choose are so important!
Also we have some special free chapters in our stories.
It is a completely incomparable visualnovel, lovegame, and the best novelgame ever played, especially optimized for smartphone users.
You can play without ads by trying star play or premium pass.
Enjoy a fantastic world with vividly alive characters and illustrations, real Otome anime game.

💬 Pick your taste of genres
Your choices will decide the fate of characters.
Thrilling stories, secret dreams, drama, romance for lovers, fantasy and what not!
We got them all, pick your taste of genres, enjoy your secret life.
Every episode are dramatic chapters! You will fall into the dramatic story.
If you want other genres, like LGBT friendly stories and so on just tell us by review or SNS!

💬 Strong K-content stories
We provide strong K-content stories in our interactive game.
You will see a different perspective of well known Webtoons & Webnovels.
Because you choose the character's fate, our game will never get you tired of it.
A variety of attractive and unique multi-endings and sub routes in a variety of options.
What would your story's ending be like? This is not all.

💬 Just like your diary!
You can even collect and decorate a screen with your favorites.
Choose your own charming items, just like your diary! Fix your own romantic moments.
You are able to get them with coins or solve the missions in stories! Do the right choices.
Collect various cute stickers and have fun watching your album illustrations.

📌 If you like story games, love games, fantasy games, choice games, and visual novels, you'll love this game.
📌 Stories will be updated every 1-2 weeks!

◆Start now!
1. Press the story you want to play where you choose what happens to the characters.
2. Level up by accomplishing the missions that pop up as the episode goes on.
3. Chapters are composed of fancy illustrations, interesting choices, vividly animated characters looking alive.
4. Decide the character's fate with your choice.
5. Try coming up with various endings.
6. Collect items and decorate your profile just like your diary.

📌 Recommended for who?
- For those who like fantastic stories or simmulation games.
- For those who like free games, story games, and love game genres.
- For those who have a good suggestion for this recommended game.
-For those who like Otome anime game., love storygame, ikemen game, visual novel game, dating games.

Please inquire through the [Contact us] button in IF you app. Please note that IF you is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money.
IF you story games are online games that require an Internet connection. We will continue to create more interesting visual novels, story games. We need your help to make genres you enjoy better.
Please share this 'storygame' with your family and friends. It will be a great help to us.
Selected Note

I only played the Lout of the Count's Family story for now so here are some screenshots of the art to feast your eyes on.[厲害]

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.7
49 Rating(s), 22 Comment(s)
Selected Note

I only played the Lout of the Count's Family story for now so here are some screenshots of the art to feast your eyes on.[厲害]

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