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The Ninja Samurai Fighting Game is an action-based dark art-style game. Shimazu is the character you control.

Discover this dark fantasy world in this ninja samurai game with hack and slash gameplay as a ninja warrior or shadow fighter. In this ninja adventure game, you will discover many different types of complex terrain by running, climbing, and jumping, as well as fascinating mystery points! In this shadow warrior game, you and your ninja warrior will engage in endless dark fantasy shadow battles. Play this Ninja Samurai Fighting Game and master the skills of a skilled ninja, a mighty warrior, or an elite samurai while exploring cities, forests, and dungeons. Fight your way through the ultimate enemies and powerful bosses to achieve the title of shadow warrior!

The Gameplay:

Shimazu, the corrector in this shadow adventure has to take revenge! With the help of a demon named Fudo, Takeda kidnaps his son and kills his wife. Shimazu has been sealing away Takeda for the last ten years. The duty of Shimazu in this ninja warrior game is to take revenge on his wife's murder and try to rescue his son. And to do that, it requires strategic thinking, good memory, and attention to avoiding traps.

As you play through the levels, you'll earn coins and diamonds. You can use those coins and diamonds in this shadow fighting offline game to improve your skills and upgrade the samurai. Shadow ninja adventure is loaded with exciting battle equipment that you can use for a fight. Dash is one of them, and this thing can be used in close combat and eliminate a target in one punch as well as Long-range attacks can also be made with this thing.


⚔️ Excellent graphics
⚔️Simple to play and control
⚔️ Great sound
⚔️ Multiple maps and levels to challenge you
⚔️ Multiple Levels
⚔️ Beautiful storyline
⚔️ Experience the stunning quality of high-resolution graphics
⚔️ Art style based on shadow silhouettes
⚔️ Upgrade the skills of your character
⚔️ Take on tough battles
⚔️ Become a Ninja Master!

⚔️Disappearing: This is one of the best elements of this shadow fight arena offline. It allows you to remain hidden around your enemies and attack them without knowing where the attack is coming from.

⚔️Throw Shuriken: You will not be able to eliminate the enemies right away, so you will need to repeat it a few more times. However, you can use it to attack the enemies from a distance, and it is one of the most exciting and long-lasting weapons you will find in this game of black ninja.

There are no moving checkpoints, but you can place a new one at the same spot as the previous one; this will appear after passing a

few levels.

Download this most exciting and addictive Ninja Samurai Fighting Game and start playing today. Once you start playing this adventure fighting game, you won't be able to put it down until you finish all the stages. Happy gaming.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 5.0
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