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Police Girls on the Case! is a simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan.

■ Synopsis ■

Policing may run in your blood, but that heritage only makes the badge feel heavier. When an explosion rocks a park outside the station, this could be the chance to finally prove your worth.

With a reputation for being a rogues gallery, Unit 304 is about to be tested with the arrival of a new commanding officer. And when a mysterious stranger also offers to help, it soon becomes clear that you will have to hold everything together to stand any chance of solving the crime.

Explosives may not be the only thing that needs defusing before this case is closed…

■ Characters ■

Lieutenant Rin Kamiya - “Policing is about following proper procedure.”

Straightlaced and proud, your new commanding officer is a stickler for the rules and quick to lash out whenever she loses face. With a compulsive trickster as her subordinate, and a civilian as an informant and unofficial agent, it goes against every bone in her law-abiding body.

Can you rise to the challenge and teach her the true arte of leadership?

Detective Runa Hasegawa - “I only bend the rules—it’s not my fault if they break!”

Mischievous and manipulative, Runa has been your trusted friend and ally from your academy days, through school, all the way back to your shared childhood. Having seen her unorthodox methods deliver breakthrough results, you’re willing to cut her more slack than others.

Can you save the relationships when loyalties are called into question?

Yuuki Sakakibara — “I can tell you everything you need to know—for a price…”

Enigmatic is the only way to describe the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest private detective” when she first crosses your path. With an unnerving talent for gathering information, and a tendency to shroud herself in secrets, Yuuki generates more questions than she is willing to trade off in answers.

Can you get close enough to gauge her true motives?
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