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Let us take you to an exciting experience of playing the best unblock bar puzzle- game. Unblock bar red puzzle- game is one of the best wood puzzle game you will find in the store. Its full of fun and excitement. Want to know the best part of the game? Unblocked game bar puzzle will let you have a lot of fun BUT this is not only about fun, this unlock game give you an opportunity to test your brain capacity by solving complex puzzles. So have fun and recharge your brain simultaneously!
Unlock bar wooden craft puzzle game is a logical game that will help you think actively and make you mind sharp. There are different levels of the game. The levels start from easy and gets difficult and difficult with each next level. So it will be just as a mental test. You can test how fast and accurately your mind thinks in a particular situation and more complex situation one after another.
Unblock bar wood turnning puzzle- game is a perfect blend of fun, excitement and to boost your IQ level. So it’s not only a game, but it will help you in your daily life situations. Now kill your time and boost up your logical skills in one game!
How to play:
Slide the red box to the exit point.
Two types of blocks: horizontal and vertical
Vertical blocks can move from side to side
Horizontal blocks can move up and down
Make a way by sliding the blocks for the red block to reach the exit.
Solve the puzzle and slide the red block to exit to win the round.
Exit should be unblocked to win the round.
Exciting features:
Easy to complex puzzles to solve
Brain teaser
Boost IQ
256 different levels
Choose from 4 difficulty levels.
Use the hints for the guidance
To get a second chance, use Undo and Reset buttons.
Splendid animation
Soothing sound effects
Target all age groups.
Available for free
No connection needed
Can be played both; online and offline
No Wifi needed after instlallation

Wooden bridge puzzle- game is the most exciting way to improve your cognitive and problem solving skills. It’s a small package with a huge benefit! Exercise your brain with 256 different levels with 4 different levels of difficulty. So you can choose the difficulty level yourself. It is designed for all age groups from kids to adult.
Hurry up! Try out Unblock game and test you skills!
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