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Secrets of the Dragon Cafe is a romance simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc.. In this game, players will encounter three charming dragon girls who are working with you in the same maid café. Depending on the choices made in the game, players can develop a romantic relationship with one of the protagonists.

■ Synopsis ■

As a humble shamisen player, you’ve been walking to a beat that nobody seems to appreciate, but a chance encounter on the streets of Akihabara might be just the thing you need to change your tune. With three beguiling coworkers by your side it isn’t just a question of which one is your type, but whether you’re even the same species…

At the ‘Burning Love’ maid café, fun and excitement are on the menu, and drama is the dish of the day!

■ Characters ■

Eruhi - The Spearhead

Diligent and protective, Eruhi encourages her fellow maids to forge bridges with their customers at every opportunity—and not just to keep the café afloat. Her ambitions are much grander, and hold far more at stake for herself and her charges. Shackled with these weighty responsibilities, do you have what it takes to be her knight in shining armor?

Ririka - The Firebrand

Don't let her demure looks deceive you—Ririka has a hot temper with a bone to pick that may just turn out to be yours! Her sharp tongue and distrustful nature make her a nightmare to work with, but maybe a bard can soothe the savage beast. It will take a stout heart to weather such a firestorm, so better to ask yourself—can you stand the heat?

Mireha - The Greenhorn

As the least experienced of the maids, Mireha struggles to find her place in a world that is difficult to navigate. With obvious charm and hidden potential, she’s still far from comfortable in her own skin, leaving her timid and shy. Will you be the one to slay her insecurities and allow her to soar, or is she destined to remain earthbound forever more?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.2
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