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【Niconico App Perks】
◆ Background Playback
Enjoy listening to audio even after closing the app.
*Feature available only for Premium Members.

◆ Multitask Feature
Search for content while watching videos or live broadcasts.

◆ Push Notifications
Use Push Notifications to let you know when your favorite
videos or live broadcasts are being streamed.

◆ Adjustable Playback Speed
Change video playback speed from slow (.25) to fast (2x).
*Select features available only for Premium Members.

【What is Niconico ?】
Niconico is one of Japan’s largest online video sharing services.
Niconico allows you to interact with other users through on screen video comments,
creating a unique sense of immersion.

◆ What is Niconico Video?
Niconico Video is a service that allows you to comment directly onto videos.
Niconico Video includes a wide range of video categories such as Sang_it (user created cover videos),
Danced_it (user created dance videos), Cooking (user created cuisine videos), Crafts, Games, Anime,
Animals, and more.

◆ What is Niconico Live?
Niconico Live is a live streaming service that allows you to watch and post comments to programs in real time.
Niconico Live features a variety of daily streamed programs including live broadcasts for Music, Community Channels.
Games, Pop Music Idols, Politics, and User Created Programs.

【Main Features】

◆ Niconico Video
・Video Viewing
・Comment Posts
・Background Playback
・Multitask Feature
・Keyword Search
・Video Rankings
・Popular / Related Video Display
・No-No Comment Feature (automatically hides offensive comments)
・No-No Comment Settings (hide specific comments)
・My List Customization
・Nico Report Viewing
・Watch History/ Uploaded Video Display
・Share Features (Facebook, Twitter, LINE, and more)
・Push Notifications for followers and new uploads

◆ Niconico Live
・Live Broadcast Viewing (supports paid official live broadcasts and live channel streams)
・Comment Posts
・Background Playback
・Multitask Feature
・Keyword/Tag Search
・No-No Comment Feature (automatically hides offensive comments)
・No-No Comment Settings (hides specific comments)
・184 Customize (enables anonymous comment posting)
・Share Features (Facebook, Twitter, LINE, and more)
・Push Notifications for channels, community followers, and broadcast starting times

【Premium Member Registration】

◆ What is Niconico Premium?
Niconico Premium offers you a greater niconico experience unavailable to Free Members.

◆ Niconico Premium Perks
Niconico Premium includes a variety of perks; content includes High Quality Video Playback, and more available entries for your Watch History and My Lists.

【Important Notes】

◆ Niconico App
App can be used with a Niconico account.
Please create a Niconico account to use with the Niconico App.

◆ System Requirements
Android OS 4.4 or above
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.1
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