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Virgo and The Sparklings is a simulation game developed by Patriot Games Indonesia. In this game, players need to help the female protagonist, Virgo, become a superstar on stage. Depending on the decisions made in the story, the life of Virgo will change accordingly.

Play and help Virgo to be the superstar hero!

Every choices is in your hand! Which option is the best for Virgo? Which partner is the most compatible for her? Choose and live the life of Virgo from the popular webcomic series Virgo and The Sparklings!

Every single of your choices matter! Meet other interesting characters and build relationships with them! Is it possible for Riani, The Virgo to find her perfect soul mate? Who would be the best match for her?

Play the game with many different interaction and available choices. A romantic and cheerful story, all made just for you!

You can also dress up Virgo and The Sparklings all according to your liking! Choose different outfits for them to find the perfect look! Make Virgo's characters as dreamy as you can wish!

Psst, do you know that there are many exclusive in-game scenes that are not appeared in the webcomic? Never read the webcomic? It's okay! Start your journey in the popular story of Virgo and The Sparklings now!

Virgo and The Sparklings Visual Novel

Riani, a girl with an ability of seeing the color of sound, was being asked to start a band with her new uni friends. While doing so, she also met a handsome senior and her idol! Choose Riani's band career path and her love life in The Bumilangit Universe storyline!

Dress Up Game Virgo and The Sparklings

Choose the best outfit for Virgo and The Sparklings characters and make the best look for them! There are many different outfits to mix and match!

Main Feature
- Interesting cheerful story to read
- Many different route story, all available to choose
- Pretty illustration to look at
- Many outfit collections to be choosen for more than 3 characters
- More than 3 different endings
- More than 10 CG to be collected

This game is an adaptation from Bumilangit comic 'Virgo and The Sparklings'. Webtoon 'Virgo and The Sparklings' is written by Annisa Nisfihani and illustrated by Ellie Goh.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.5
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