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95 Rating(s), 133 Comment(s)

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Tenkei Paradox is a 3D tactics RPG developed by EXNOA and KMS, and published by DMMGAMES. The game is released on mobile platforms like Android and iOS, as well as on browsers. Currently, the game supports Japanese only.

Tenkei Paradox features an abundance of interesting features, as players can embark on an epic adventure together with their monster companions. There is an expansive variety of monsters included in the game awaiting players' collections. Players can obtain monsters from battles and synthesis. As each species of monster has its own special skills and abilities that give it a unique niche in battle, players should focus on training and enhancing their monster friends to make sure they shine in battles.

Overall speaking, the battle system is easy to operate and accessible for all kinds of players, even those who have never played a tactics RPG before. Players will battle the enemies by instructing the characters' actions on the battlefields that are divided into grids. Players need to summon monsters and unleash special skills timely to make the situation more advantageous. Once the player gets accustomed to the game mechanics, there will be more advanced elements to enjoy, ranging from challenging field gimmicks to huge bosses.

Apart from the intriguing battles, Tenkei Paradox is also well-designed aesthetically with cute character designs, nice-looking graphics, and slick animation. Coupled with a well-written story that shapes a unique worldview and creates an immersive atmosphere, the adventure in the fantasy world of Tenkei Paradox would definitely satisfy every RPG lover.

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95 Rating(s), 133 Comment(s)
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