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[This game is no longer in operation.]


Life Crush Saga is a puzzle simulation game developed by QuickTurtle Co. Ltd.. In this game, players can experience a life story full of joy and sorrow in relation to the reality of life while solving match-3 puzzles. From a cute baby to a student, then to a job-seeker who is disillusioned by the reality... This puzzle game will bring you fun and a bit of a reflection of life at the same time.

ㅡ Caution ㅡ
This game has a dark story of reality, and it is very difficult compared to normal games.
Please pay attention to play.

I dedicate this game to you who feel that even dreaming is a luxury.
Life is crushing! Youth is crushing! Life Crush Saga!

▲ What was your dream? ▲

Let me introduce you to 'Life Crush Saga: Lost Dreams'.
It tells the story of young people who live a 'life without hopes and dreams'.
'Why' did your dreams disappear? What happened to them?

◆ Life Crush Saga is a life simulation game based on a match 3 puzzle.
You can grow and dream through simple puzzles and mini games in Life Crush Saga.
You will work hard to make your dreams come true.

◆ From baby to student to job seeker,
the various life situations that we face in the passing of time
make the game more interesting.

◆ Numerous jobs with self portraits of sad young people are waiting for you.
Of course, getting a good job is just as hard as it is in reality.

◆ Destiny cards represent various aspects of joy and sorrow,
and make the game more exciting and unpredictable.

◆ You live only once! Your youth has passed already, but you can live as many times as you want in Life Crush Saga!
Maybe you will have a realization of life after many repetitions?

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5 Rating(s), 5 Comment(s)
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