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Brave Story - Magic Dungeon - is an adverture game developed by YohiyukiNakashima.
As a knight of the kingdom, you are on your way to investigate a certain forest.
He was killed by a vicious demon.
Ten years later, he was reincarnated as a "hero" by the power of a goddess
, and is given the mission of a hero.
In order to control the demon disasters in various places, the hero sets out on an adventure.

Game System
■New command system

 Commands are always displayed and
 When you select a command,
 the selected command will be executed in real time!

■Action Battle

 Combat is done manually.
 Approach the enemy and tap to swing your sword and attack.
 You can attack by tapping in succession!

■Level System

 You can gain experience by defeating enemies.
 The more experience you accumulate,the higher your level will be and the more your character's abilities will increase.

■Magic Tools
 In each area, there are "magic tools" hidden.
 You can get them for special effects.

Additional Content
■Change Skins

 You can purchase skins from the Goddess by spending gold.
 There is no change to your abilities, but you can change your appearance.
 Customize your character with the skin of your choice!

Features of this game
●Battle with "Hack and Slash" elements
●Collection elements
●Action with a high degree of freedom
●Level up and get stronger!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.3
5 Rating(s), 7 Comment(s)
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