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Demon Hunter High School: Sexy Anime Battle Girls is a simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc.. In this game, players will encounter several beautiful girls, with whom you will fight demons around the world together.


Fifty years ago, the first demon appeared. Now, they’re everywhere.

Roaming the streets and threatening the lives of anyone they encounter, the demonic terror has taken over.

As a commander-in-training at the National School of Exorcists, your job is to not only hunt down demons, but to train others as well. Your latest assignment is to tutor a new unit of strong, beautiful women with clashing personalities.

Will you be able to get your group working together, or will you fall apart in the face of overwhelming odds?


The Energetic Fangirl - Sakuragi

As your biggest fan, the already excitable Sakuragi can barely contain herself around you.

After you save her from demons, she enrolls in the National School of Exorcists in hopes of fighting alongside you—but she’s clumsy, her combat skills need work, and she has a tendency to avoid things that scare her…

With so many obstacles standing in her way, can you help her become the exorcist she’s always aspired to be?

The Cold Loner - Shinonome

Expressionless and distant, Shinonome is difficult to connect with.

Her fighting skills are top-tier, but her standoffish personality makes it difficult for her to form bonds with the other students. Bullied and alone, is her cool exterior a simple defense mechanism, or the result of a deeper, darker secret?

The Hotheaded Fighter - Kazami

After losing her parents to demons when she was fourteen, Kazami has dedicated her life to the pursuit of revenge.

She struggles to cooperate with her classmates, but her fierce determination garners everyone's respect. Loud and brash, it’s only a matter of time before she does something reckless.

Can you help her control her impulsive nature and find the closure she craves?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.3
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